The Crystals of Light are ancient artifacts said to have been given to the people of the world by the gods as an artifact to keep stability from the evils of the world. There are 12 Crystals of Light and each one is held by the major 12 countries of the world.

Each crystal is associated with one of the gods of the Zodiac Pantheon and entrusted to various races. Currently they are held by the country listed with the crystal below.

Country Crystal of Light Entrusted Race
Aries Republic Crystal of the Ram Burmecian
Taurus Kingdom Crystal of the Bull Varg
Geminire Empire Crystal of Air Moogle
Cancer Empire Crystal of the Crab Avior
Leo Kingdom Crystal of Fire Ronso
Virgo Republic Crystal of Earth Viera
Libra Crystal of Balance Nu Mou
Scorpius Kingdom Crystal of the Scorpion Bangaa
Sagittar Tribes Crystal of the Hunter Gria
Capricornus Kingdom Crystal of the Goat Dwarf
Republic of Aquarius Crystal of Water Elvaan
Pisces Empire Crystal of the Fish Miqo'te

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