The Geminire Empire was created when Humes of the plains invaded the lands of the Moogle due to disputes of gods. The name is unknown if it comes from the original Moogle empire that was there or if the Humes that conquered the land. They hold the Crystal of Air. It is theorized that this Crystal was entrusted to the Moogle's and when the Humes took over their land they took control of it. It currently rests in the capital city of Pollux where there is a massive palace for the Emperor. They have also been at war with the Varg for many years to obtain more land. The Moogles within the empire are slaves and many have escaped into the surrounding lands and even further over the years giving them a good presence in all of the countries of the world. The Empire mostly has Humes in it and very few of the other races other than enslaved Moogles. Many of the other kingdoms are appalled at how they treat the Moogles but most of them don't have the military presence on the continent and the City-state of Libra keeps peaceful terms with them despite major dislike for them. Although the Moogles in other countries aren't treated much better since they almost all came in as poor refugees and have been treated as second class citizens since then.

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