Mana/MP Edit

Mana is the basic energy used by any spellcasters to fuel their magic. Below is a chart of the base MP and at what level. The mod for the class's spellcasting stat gets added on to maximum MP.

Level Base MP Level

Base MP


Base MP


Base MP

1st 1 6th 18 11th 61 16th 128
2nd 2 7th 25 12th 72 17th 145
3rd 5 8th 32 13th 85 18th 162
4th 8 9th 41 14th 98 19th 181
5th 12 10th 50 15th 113 20th 200

The equation used for this is the level multiplied by half the level and rounded up.

The equation used in roll20 to calculate max MP is below

ceil(@{Level} * @{Level}/2) + @{INT-mod} * ceil(@{Level}/4)

The above is an example for an INT spellcasting stat. It should be replaced with whatever the 3 letter abbreviation for your spellcasting stat is. Also every 4 levels a multiplier for your mod gets added to max mana. For an example a 1st level mage with a stat mod of +3 would have 3 more MP where at 16th level they would have 12 extra mana based on their spellcasting stat.

Spellbook Edit

Each spellcasting class has a spellbook or list of spells they can cast. Each spellcaster will start at level 1 with 4 cantrips/0-level spells and 2 1st level spells. With each level they gain one more spell from any spell level they can cast. Spells can be added to your spellbook/list also through scroll purchasing. As long as you can cast spells of the scroll's level and your spellcasting score is a minimal of 10 + spell level then you can add it.

Here is an example of this. Say there was a Level 2 Black Mage with an INT score of 18. He found a scroll of Fire II which is a 2nd level spell. His INT is high enough but at Level 2 BLM can only cast 1st level spells as most. He could add it to his list after he gets to level 3 where he can cast 2nd level spells.