The land of Sagittar is the home of the Gria. There aren't many large cities or advanced ones within the lands of Sagittar. The land is divided into many areas controlled by the 6 Gria tribes. They are constantly having tournaments and competitions of battle between all of them for who makes the decisions. The tribe that is in charge usually keeps a hold of the Crystal of the Hunter which the Gria hold. There aren't many other races in Sagittar due to the lower technology level than many of them are used to. The tribes are identified by the scale color. The tribes have their higher ups with metallic scale colors. The Tribes are listed below.

Tribe Name Scale Color Metallic Color
Ruby Red Metallic Red
Sapphire Blue Metallic Blue
Emerald Green Metallic Green
Diamond White Silver
Onyx Black Black Opal
Jasper Brown Bronze

The current leading tribe is the Ruby tribe.

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